HQ: Bilbao, Spain

Founded in: 1933

Web: www.faesfarma.com

Faes Farma is a publicly traded pharmaceutical company operating commercially in Spain, Portugal and LatAm countries. It has an international network of exclusive partners and distributors.

The company’s main areas of business are:

  • R&D, manufacture and distribution of diverse pharmaceutical formulations
  • Rx and OTC
  • Molecule marketing (through in- house development and acquired assets)
  • In-licensed products (co-marketing, co-promotion or distribution agreements)

Therapeutic Areas

  • Allergy and respiratory, dermatology, gastrointestinal, bone and
    metabolism, paediatrics, ear, nose and throat
  • OTC and consumer health products (medical devices, food supplements)

Target groups

  • Healthcare professionals (relevant specialists, general practitioners, retail pharmacists and health-technicians).

Business Units

  • Faes Farma SA (Rx and OTC)
  • Diafarm (health and well being)
  • Ingaso Farm (animal health)

Key data

  • Global net sales (2017): €274m


Dr. Francisco Quintanilla
General Manager
Calle de Vía de los Poblados 3
Edificio 2, 2ª planta
P.E. Cristalia
28033 Madrid

T: +34 – 91 – 468.08.00
F: +34 – 91 – 468.59.34
E: pquintan@faes.es
I: www.faes.es

Calle de Vía de los Poblados 3,
Edificio 2, 2ª planta
P.E. Cristalia,
28033 Madrid