Our offer

The Rx-Alliance has one member per country, so is not competing for opportunities, and enjoys a truly collaborative approach.

The strength of the Alliance lies in its co-operative network of like-minded companies – widening the scope of new product opportunities, and broadening the regional capability for commercialisation.

For example, the Alliance offers enormous potential for:

  • European companies aiming to expand their presence through commercial partnership;
  • US companies seeking to enter Europe;
  • development companies that have no sales/marketing infrastructure; and
  • the expansion our own business development resource (to create a more substantial offering to companies seeking to partner their products).

The Rx-Alliance comprises highly focused member companies, with significant expertise and capabilities within their respective core markets. Their experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas, ensures comprehensive coverage for the Alliance and a compelling business offer.

In addition to their commercial activities of sales & marketing, member companies also offer:

  • regulatory/medical information/pharmacovigilance services;
  • market access/pricing and reimbursement;
  • warehousing and distribution.

The Alliance also acts as an invaluable forum for sharing and co-operating on product opportunities, and discussing best practice in pharmaceutical business development.

The primary role of the Rx-Alliance is to support each member’s business development – in particular, to get access to new, exciting products.

A number of successful deals have been completed by member companies through internal collaboration (within Rx-Alliance) or by providing leads to other members.
Some products have been licensed by more than one member company for their respective markets.